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Georgia Town Taking Allegations Of Post-Prom Gang Rape Organized By Student Athletes Very Seriously

Many people online are praising the quick response from local law enforcement after shocking details emerged about the alleged sexual assault of a high school senior by three student athletes.

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A local columnist, David Cook, has also rushed to the defense of the victim, writing that the sexual assault has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol the teenagers consumed.

"It's not about how much beer the teenagers drank after the prom. It's not about how much liquor or wine they had with them at their resort cabin party in the North Georgia woods.

This is about sexual assault.

And aggravated sexual battery.

It's about three men -- 18 years old, graduating seniors -- who police say committed sexual battery against an 18-year-old woman. A classmate. A graduating senior, just like them.

It's about whatever wicked pleasure they may have found by inserting some foreign object into her, so badly she was hospitalized."

Jezebel's Erin Gloria Ryan has lauded the response from the community, contrasting it to a similar case involving student athletes in Steubenville, Ohio, two years ago.

But there are heartening aspects to this awful case. For starters, unlike other recent high-profile cases of male athletes allegedly raping women who lack the football status of their abusers — Steubenville, Ohio and Florida State University, for example — authorities appeared to take the charges seriously from the day after the crime and actually seem to have made an effort to conduct a thorough investigation.

If convicted, each suspect faces 25 years to life in prison. Also, detectives have warned that they plan on pressing charges against every student they can prove was drinking with possibly more serious charges coming as well.

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