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    7 Frequently Asked Questions About Twerking You're Dying To Know The Answers To

    Here is everything you need to know about everyone's favorite butt dance. NSFW-ish

    1. What is twerking?

    As made popular by The Twerk Team.

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    2. How do you twerk?

    According to twerking website, it's all about the arched/curved back.

    3. Where can one twerk?

    You can twerk while getting ready in the morning.

    You can twerk while opening for The Postal Service.

    Joshua Baez


    Twerk Team Postal Service style.

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    You can twerk between classes at your local high school (although, you might get suspended).

    Or in class.

    Some people pick more unusual places to do it, like a graveyard.

    Or the library.

    You can even twerk at McDonald's.

    4. What kind of people twerk?

    Women can twerk.

    Men can twerk.

    Simpsons characters can twerk.

    Cats can twerk.

    Grandmas can do it too.

    Same with Spiderman.

    Harry Styles from One Direction? Oh yeah, he twerks too.

    5. Why do people twerk?

    Some people twerk for political reasons.

    Some people twerk to shame an opponent during a sports match.

    And some people do it because they're in a good mood.

    6. Is twerking good for you?

    Yes, like all things, twerking is good in moderation.

    7. Can you hurt yourself while twerking?


    So stay safe and remember to stretch.