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Father Of Missing Boy Told His Son Was Actually Trapped In The Basement During Live Nancy Grace Segment

Charles Botheull IV's son had been missing for 11 days and was thought to be dead.

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Charles Botheull IV was in the middle of a live interview with Nancy Grace when he learned his son has been trapped in his basement for the last 11 days.

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Botheull's son, 12-year-old Charlie Botheull V, had been missing since June 14. He was finally discovered in the basement of the family's home in Detroit by local law enforcement.

Investigators don't believe that the boy would have been able to make the barricade himself. There was also evidence that there was food around where he was.

The boy has been removed from the house by police and has had no contact with his parents since being discovered. At this point, though, no members of the Botheull family are being considered persons of interest.

Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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