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Everything You'd Ever Want To Know About What It's Like To Be A Stripper Dancing For Justin Bieber

Meet Diamond, the stripper behind the giant pile of money.

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Last week, Justin Bieber went to VLive, the Houston strip club where Diamond dances. Diamond, who requested to go by her first name only, spoke with BuzzFeed on Thursday about her one-of-a-kind experience and what she learned about Bieber from their time together.

She said Bieber is absolutely the biggest celebrity they've ever had visit VLive during the two years she has worked there.

"Does it get any bigger than Justin Bieber," she exclaimed. "I mean, he was probably one of the best customers, biggest names, that we've ever had."

You'll never know when Justin Bieber will show up.

According to Diamond, Bieber showed up unannounced in the middle of the evening, shocking the dancers there.

"It was Friday night. It was around 3 o'clock and it was pretty packed. It was busy," she says of the fateful night. "No one had any idea he was coming in. Once it was announced over the mic it was pretty much everyone went crazy."

Justin Bieber tips in literal piles of cash.

Bieber gave her this massive pile of money as a tip. By the end of the night he had tipped over $10,000 at the club.

"In the picture that I had, that everyone's been inquiring about, it was over $7,000," Diamond said.

But Justin Bieber's friend, the boxer Floyd Mayweather, tips way more.

Diamond said that while Bieber tips a whole lot more than your average customer at VLive, Floyd Mayweather put him to shame.

"There was so much money everywhere, I mean, including the $10,000, there was probably another $20,000 that Floyd spent," she says. "Our stages were covered with money."

Justin Bieber is a pretty laid-back guy.

Diamond say that Bieber was polite and just seemed like he wanted to relax and hang out.

"I guess because I had never danced for him, I was in shock. He was having a good time. He wasn't nervous," she said. "He wasn't doing too much talking. He was just enjoying himself and having a good time."

That is, until his music comes on at the club.

Diamond said that he went pretty nuts when the DJ played was an unreleased Bieber track featuring the rapper Future.

"He went crazy when it came on. He started making it rain when it came on," she says.

Diamond says it was a pretty good song too.

Justin Bieber's got a type of girl he likes: "Pretty."

Diamond says Justin Bieber was polite to everyone in the club, but he's also real selective.

"Only pretty girls could dance for him and I'm glad I was one," she says. "He did tell one girl that she couldn't dance for him."

She said that she was honored to be one of the girls at VLive that Bieber specifically picked to dance for him.

"I felt kind of special that I could be one of the chosen ones," she says.

Justin Bieber likes girls with real butts.

Diamond tweeted about how when Justin Bieber touched her butt she almost fainted.

"He Touched My Ass I Almost Fainted," she tweeted.

She clarified that the singer had a reason for copping a feel. He was actually feeling her backside to see if it was real.

"He said it was soft and that it was real," she says. "Then he smiled at me and it just kind of went from there."

When Justin Bieber comes to your club everyone's pretty psyched.

"It was a good overall experience," Diamond said. "I hope he brings Nicki Minaj with him next time because I love her."

She says that while Bieber was in the club everyone was going crazy. The amount of money on the stages was mind-blowing and actually made it a little hard to get around.

"I hope he comes back," she said.

When you tweet about Justin Bieber, people go wild.

In 24 hours, Diamond's tweet was everywhere. She said that she just wanted to share the story of her amazing night dancing for a giant pop star. The tweet went more viral than she could have ever imagined.

"My intentions were never to—I didn't know it was going to go here," she said of the picture of her pile of tips from Justin.

Dancing for Justin Bieber can be good for your career.

In the days after Diamond's tweet and picture went viral, she wasn't only bombarded by media requests. Diamond said that job offers have also been pouring in.

"I have gotten a lot of offers to do a lot of things, a lot of people want to work with me," she says.

She's received offers to do everything from dance at more parties to even larger-scale photo shoots.

"That's probably the best thing that's happened since I tweeted about Justin Bieber," she said.

Is there anyone who might tip better than Justin Bieber?

Diamond laughed. Her two dream celebrities to dance for are Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. But when thinking about which celebrity would tip the best only one name comes to mind.

"Drake, I think Drake would. He loves—I'm sure you listen to his music—he loves strippers," she said. "I think Justin might have to go in a little harder next time."

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