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El motivo por el que tus zapatos tienen agujeros adicionales en la parte más alta te dejará con la boca abierta

OK, en realidad esto tiene mucho sentido.


Esto ayuda a que la zona de tu talón permanezca bien contenida, y además ayuda a evitar que tus uñas se pongan negras por golpearse contra tu calzado. Puedes ver el tutorial completo aquí:

Vea este vídeo en Youtube

Harry Pino, Ph.D., senior exercise physiologist at the Performance Center at NYU Langone's Center for Musculoskeletal Care told BuzzFeed how the "lace lock" works.

Pino said that tying your laces like this puts more support around the ankle, releasing the pressure from the top of the foot. It'll help keep your foot from cramping, it'll improve your performance, and it'll improve the overall quality of your run.

"I use it, and I've been using it for the past twelve years because the technique works. It works for everyone, but especially helps people who have high arches and pronate a little bit," Pino said. "Usually for long distances it's best, because that's when your form gets sloppy and the pressure is going to create more blisters."