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The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To The General Election

Things are getting weird.

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As the election drew closer, things got pretty tense.

Tomorrow I want The Sun to publish the cum faces of every party leader. Only then can we make a sensible choice.

And people started playing dirty.

How to confuse UKIP voters. #ElectionDay

Just marked my voting slip at this local polling station. Was surprised to then be given a toaster for taking part.

#WhyImVotingUkip because they're the first political party to recognise my ability, as a gay person, to create bad weather.

Demands were made.

An emotional plea on the Sun's front page today #GE2015

Horrible secrets were leaked.


And then the first exit poll was released...

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!" #GE2015

The Tories were in the lead.

The Daily Mail headline right now #GE2015

Stitches were crossed.


Selfies were taken.

When it's all going wrong so you might as well take a selfie with the squad. #GE2015

And drinks were drunk.

Election drinking game: Drink when there's good news. Or bad news. Or any news. Or no news.

We join Jo Coburn in Thanet where she is in for a nine darter #election #GE2015

This poltician's live interview was overshadowed by a man heroically eating a muffin.


This guy even threatened to eat a hat.


Andrew Neil even gave him a hat... but he still hasn't eaten it. Yet.


EXCLUSIVE: Live pictures of David Cameron from inside Number 10

This picture summed up how well the Tories did vs the Lib Dems.

This snap from the Rose Garden in 2010 would work rather well today... #GE2015

CNN got a little confused.

Epic headline strip by @CNN, referring the united kingdom just as 'us ally'

"Let's check in with our #DogsAtPollingStations correspondent." #GE2015

But the exit polls continued to roll in.

Emily keeps swiping left on her Tinder tonight #GE2015

Live footage from Danny Alexander's count #GE2015

Even more drinks got drunk.

2015 election drinking game: if the Tories stay in for a second term, drink solidly for the next five years. #GE2015

The BBC got defensive.

The British Broadcasting Corporation have responded.

As the night wore on, the hits kept coming.

If Mark Reckless' face is anything to go by it's not going Ukip's way in Rochester and Strood #GE2015

Are they in a fucking ghost train?

Headlines are changed.

How the Daily Mirror has changed its front page since 22:30 #tomorrowspaperstoday #GE2015

Supermarkets got involved.

Ed, Dave: No matter how stressful today gets, it’ll never be as bad as losing your mum in the supermarket when you were five. Never. #GE2015

SNP had a good night.

"Humans drink irn bru. A drink irn bru. Therefore a am human. And no a lizard person in human skin."

Seriously, what a night for Scotland.

I'm scared to stand up in case the SNP take my seat #GE2015

Nick Clegg, not so much...

when you hold your seat but you're trying to revive the political party you've destroyed #GE2015

Elmo showed up.

Love this pic. How seriously can you watch the results on TV in Witney with Elmo standing behind you? #GE2015

The people doing the news ticker on the BBC News Channel had had long night.

Oh no. Oh no, no no. Pretty bad typo from BBC Scotland there. It's, er, Renfrewshire. (pic via @lucyynelson)

And so did Boris Johnson and his hair.

This is an actual live shot. Of a future UK prime minister. Live. #GE2015

George Galloway, however, had a terrible night.

George Galloway running away from the count in Bradford West like

As did shadow chancellor, footballer and Ed Balls Day founder, Ed Balls, who lost his seat.

Ed Balls at the exact moment the BBC politely asked him if he was completely screwed

For a few minutes, all anyone on Twitter could say was "ED BALLS".

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out Ed Balls in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Ed Balls Day next year is going to be so weird.

This is going to have a big effect on Ed Balls day.

This was Nigel Farage's face when he heard he'd been beaten in Thanet by the Conservatives, which is only bettered by the reaction of Al Murray, the pub landlord.


There were plenty of job suggestions for Farage on Twitter.

Farage now has some difficult decisions to make. I'm A Celebrity or Big Brother?

Farage then stood down as UKIP leader – but at least the Chuckle Brothers are holding firm.

I will not stand down as leader of the chuckle party. I believe we had a good night.

Oh, plus here's David Cameron's victory kiss.

This David Cameron and Kanye moment is so tender #GE2015

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