Everything You Need To Know About Domino's Terrifying Fried Chicken Pizza Crust

    Let's investigate, shall we...

    Domino's has announced something called "specialty chicken." This is what it looks like:

    Many have been describing it as a "fried chicken crust pizza," but is that really what this is?

    fried chicken crust pizza, now with shots of insulin... http://t.co/adKSHkU0iN via @foodbeast


    Domino's introduces pizza on fried chicken crust (Photo) http://t.co/jhMuJy0IeA

    Dominos now has pizza with fried chicken crust???? Lol its over

    According to this advertisement, it is NOT "chicken stuffed crust" as many are reporting. They're closer, in fact, to tiny pizzas made out of slabs of fried chicken.

    They're basically fistfuls of fried chicken...

    Covered in all kinds of nonsense.

    Although, to be honest, a slab of fried chicken meat covered in jalepenos seems a little more reasonable that a pizza crust actually stuffed with chicken meat.

    Here's an up close shot of what we're talking about here. As you can see, it's a hunk of fried chicken covered in fixings.

    Also, this is the face of a Domino's Pizza chef involved with the project.

    If you are looking for an actual pizza stuffed with weird meat, you should go to New Zealand. Pizza Huts there are selling a pizza with a crust stuffed with hot dogs which are stuffed, themselves, with cheese and chili sauce.

    What a time to be alive.