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Barnes & Noble Had A "Frozen" Day And The Photos From It Are Hilariously Creepy


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Last Friday, Barnes & Nobles bookstores all over the country held a "Frozen Friday," where employees dressed up like characters from Frozen for the children in the area. This was one store's Olaf...

Users on Reddit started sharing some of their "Frozen Friday" horror stories. Some parents said they waited in line for two hours, only to see some not exactly enthusiastic cosplay.

This is also supposed to be Olaf.

This was a nationwide event which means that every store has to host one. The company sends a few things and then suggests 'optional' enhancements which the district manager can choose to reimburse or not. Ours didn't, and the event unfortunately is rated not by the fun people have or how many people, but by the sales bump it creates. We knew we were going to have 100+ people and I didn't want to have this terribly embarrassing event so I handmade 100 snowflakes, table signs, a costume, and wigs and we printed out and assembled tiaras and reindeer antlers for the children.

Based on Instagrams from various stores, it doesn't seem like the entire event was a flop.

Many of the locations seemed to be well-equipped to deal with the legions of Frozen fans pouring into the store.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Barnes & Noble for comment about the "Frozen Friday" event.
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