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    If You Obnoxiously Sext Girls For Nudes You Might End Up On "Straight White Boys Texting"

    "hey what’s your bra size ;)"

    The "Straight White Boys Texting" Tumblr collects a certain kind of text.

    According to the blog's about page, there's a specific kind of "straight white boy text."

    Basically this:

    The blog is pretty controversial and has a lengthy FAQ section explaining that it accepts all submissions of guys who can't message people like a human being.

    For instance:

    "If you feel victimized by this blog at all… well then you should probably change your texting habits," the moderator of the blog wrote.

    The blog shares the usernames and faces of many of the people that get submitted, though the moderator of the blog has remained anonymous.

    "So many girls and women have messaged me saying they never realized this happened to so many people," the moderator of the blog wrote. "That they are glad to have found a safe place to vent and laugh about it."

    The submissions are pretty diverse too.

    Apparently, all kinds of guys, not just straight white guys, think this kind of thing is a suave move.

    And yet...

    It really never seems to work...

    Womp womp.