Did You Know That There Is A Breed Of Duck That Looks Exactly Like Harry Styles?

WARNING: Once you see this you can’t unsee this.

1. On the left is a white crested duck, a species of duck native to South America. On the right is Harry Styles, native to England.


2. The crested duck subsides on a diet of algae and various invertebrates. Harry Styles’ favorites foods are sweetcorn and tacos, apparently.

Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy/Staff


3. The crested duck prefers shallow coastal regions. Harry Styles spends a lot of time in hotel rooms.

Getty Images/Kevin Winter


4. The crested duck typically nests in tall grass near water. Harry Styles once dated Taylor Swift.

Getty Images/Keith Tsuji/Stringer


5. Only about a third of ducklings born will have the crested hair. Harry Styles only recently started wearing his hair up.

Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer


6. Nature sure is weird!

Getty Images/Dave J Hogan/Stringer


(h/t gorillas)

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