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Did You Know That High Schoolers Are Sharing Absolutely Adorable #Promposals On Instagram?

Dang, who knew teenagers were so romantic these days?

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And as they do with most things, teenagers are sharing their awesome #Promposals on Instagram.

And holy cow, are some of these kids clever.

Some are going with a cute pun.

I mean, for real, how could you say no to a banana?

Others are surprising their special someone during their favorite sport.

I guess this climber really took a LEAP of faith with this one, hahaha sorry.

This guy went big, but also kept is casual. Nice.

Others used their car as the perfect prop for a parking lot promposal.

This is a surprisingly romantic way to ask someone to prom using mud, to be honest.

This girl got a freaking promposal SHEEP. That's one way to make the rest of the school jealous.

Other kids went with the classic locker promposal.

Forget roses, this kid knows the fastest way to a teenager's heart is obviously with Starbucks.

This one is pretty much perfect.

This one is great because not only do you get a prom date, you get chicken wings!

And this one, you just have to press play to see. It's super cute.

Now, not everyone can have a team of firefighters to help them out...

But a drumline works just as well!

Or the beautiful words of John Green's Fault in Our Stars.

Shooting ranges can be a romantic spot if you're smooth enough.

But also, it's nice to know that even with all this mushy Instagram love, teenagers are still teenagers:

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