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Did The Coach Of The German Euros Team Scratch, Then Sniff, His Balls On TV?

What exactly is going on here???

This is Joachim Löw. He's the coach of the German football team currently playing in the 2016 Euros. Some very disturbing footage of Löw was taken during Sunday's game between Germany and Ukraine.


OK, so, if you play this Vine, you'll probably notice that it appears that Löw decided to scratch his balls and then smell them.


1) He scratches his balls.

2) He sits down.

3) He, uh...

And what's worse is that people on Twitter are pointing out this is apparently part of a larger scratching and smelling thing that Löw appears to do A LOT.

#Low #RaiDireEuropei (parte seconda)

During that same game, it appears that he reached behind himself and uh, well, uh...

Here's another clip of Löw!

¿A que te huele Joaquim Löw? ¿Hoy te has bañado? ¡WTF...! 😂😂😱😱😦😦 #GER.

Reaches into his armpit and then...


Here's another clip where he's smelling his hand after putting it SOMEWHERE.


And then he goes and JUST SHAKES RONALDO'S HAND!