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Check Out This Seal Just Chilling In This Car

A seal pup, named Smartie, was found hanging out on the dashboard of a Scottish ferry worker's car after a particularly bad storm last weekend. Oh. My. Goooddddddd.

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The Scottish SPCA story rescued a seal pup that was found in a ferry terminal parking lot during a storm. Ferry workers had already attempted to get the seal to return to the water, but the pup wouldn't cooperate.

The next morning workers at the ferry terminal called SPCA. While they waited for the SPCA to arrive, one of the ferry workers picked up the seal pup and put him in the trunk of his car to keep him out of harm's way.

But the pesky seal pup somehow escaped the trunk and was found hanging out on the dashboard when animal rescue officers arrived! The seal pup, now named Smartie, is recovering from his parking lot adventure at the National Rescue Center in Alloa, Scotland.