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Cancer Patient Tweets Insurance CEO, Gets Him To Cover Medical Bills

Arijit Guha is an Arizona State University doctoral student suffering from Stage 4 colon cancer. When he ran out of money he tweeted the CEO of Aetna for help. Aetna's CEO responded and agreed to cover the costs.

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This is Arijit Guha (@poop_strong). He's fighting stage 4 colon cancer and recently ran out of insurance money.

Via Twitter: @!/Poop_Strong/media/slideshow?

Guha decided there was nothing else left he could do but ask Aetna CEO Mark T. Bertolini (@mtbert) to help him with his medical expenses.

The internet, of course, chimes in.

Later that day Aetna's CEO Mark T. Bertolini tweeted back to Guha

Arijit was on a $400 a month plan with a cap at $300,000 for his lifetime. A cap he quickly hit battling the colon cancer.

Guha and Bertolini argued back and forth on twitter later that day.

After spending the next day on the phone with Aetna, Guha announces on Facebook that Aetna is covering "every penny" of his medical bills.

Ajirit Guha's colon cancer is currently in remission and he's working with Aetna to pay off his bills.

The $120,000 Arijit's Poop Strong campaign raised to cover insurance costs is being donated to charity.

Guha's friend Jen Wang has collected all of the social media fight in a storify page here. If you're interested in the specific back and forths between Aetna and the angry twitter mob, definitely check it out.

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