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    Posted on Dec 12, 2012

    British TV Star Suspected Of A Staggering 199 Sex Offenses

    Detectives in the UK began an inquiry into late BBC star Jimmy Savile 10 weeks ago, since then 450 people have come forward with allegations.

    Former BBC star Jimmy Savile, who died last year at the age of 85, is now suspected of committing 199 different sexual offenses during his time working at the BBC.

    Currently, there have been a total of 31 allegations of rape made against Savile.

    Frank Barratt / Getty Images

    And a large majority of these crimes are reported to have involved children.

    Matthew Lewis / Getty Images

    Last Thursday, celebrity publicist Max Clifford was brought in to testify at the final day of the first phase of Scotland Yard's Inquiry.

    Lefteris Pitarakis, File / AP

    In a statement from Scotland Yard:

    "The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'others'. We are not prepared to discuss further."

    Savile was the host of, among other shows, a children's program called "Jim'll Fix it"

    View this video on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

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