Build-A-Bear Definitely Just Posted The Most Shameless 9/11 Memorial Tweet

    Then deleted it almost immediately.

    Thursday morning, Build-A-Bear posted this tweet about 9/11.

    And then quickly deleted the tweet.

    .@buildabear deleted its 9/11 tweet after 15 minutes.

    Most likely because everyone thought it was somehow even grosser and weirder than Fleshlight's 9/11 tweet.

    Brands, please, stop RT @ByronTau: Um.

    @buildabear You'll never forget to trivialize tragedy to push your product?

    Dear Brands, you don't have to participate today. Don't even risk being stupid today. Ahem @buildabear

    @buildabear do you have a bear that looks like a dude who jumped from a tower?

    Fleshlight's was more tasteful. RT @ByronTau: Um.

    Brands, repeat after me: You probably don't need to post about 9/11.