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Bitter Barista Fired Over Satirical Blog

Matt Watson was fired from his job at a Seattle coffee house after a coffee gossip site (which is a thing that exists) exposed his identity.

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Advertisement writer Llewellyn Sinclair apparently thought that the Bitter Barista's tone was too harsh:

There's a lot of anger in this blog, and while we love the well-worn barista cliche, it should be the stuff of mild parody, not an all-out assault on whomever walks through the door of your cafe. Blog work like this probably shouldn't be encouraged, which is why blogs like Bitter Barista (and that recent XO Jane article, and all that Village Voice tripe) need to be shown the cold light of day. Workplace frustrations are fine, but they should be vented over margaritas after work, not on your Twitter account mid-shift.


Here's the full KIRO TV local news piece about it.