Bianca Lawson From "Pretty Little Liars" Has Been Playing A Teenager On TV For 20 Years

    It's funny that was she was in The Vampire Diaries because she might actually be a vampire.

    1993: Saved by the Bell: The New Class

    Character: Megan Jones

    Character's age: High school student, 15-16ish.

    1996: Sister, Sister

    Character: Rhonda Coley

    Character's age: She went to the same school as Tia and Tamera.

    1998: The Steve Harvey Show

    Character: Rosalind

    Character's age: One of the students who attended the school where Steve Harvey's character taught.

    1997-1998: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Character: Kendra Young

    Character's age: She became a Slayer after Buffy died briefly in Season 1, so she was probably around the same age as Buffy (16 or 17).

    1997-1999: Smart Guy

    Character: Shirley and another character named Tracy

    Character's age: Both characters were high school students who went to school with Mo and Marcus.

    1999-2000: Dawson's Creek

    Character: Nikki Green

    Character's age: She plays a student director who enters the same student film festival as Dawson.

    2001: Save the Last Dance

    Character: Nikki

    Character's age: The ex-girlfriend of Sean Patrick Thomas' character, who attends the same Chicago high school as Julia Stiles' character.

    2009: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    Character: Shawna

    Character's age: Technically, in Secret Life Bianca Lawson plays a 23-year-old who is only dating a high school student, who she then dumps for being too young.

    2009-2011: The Vampire Diaries

    Character: Emily Bennett

    Character's age: It's unclear exactly how old Emily is, but she's part of a family line of young women who are witches, so it's safe to say she's teenage-ish.

    2011: American Horror Story

    Character: Abby

    Character's age: She attends Westfield High, the high school where Evan Peters' character goes on a shooting rampage.

    2010-2012: Pretty Little Liars

    Character: Maya St. Germain

    Character's age: Maya dies in Pretty Little Liars at the age of 18.

    But it looks like the curse may be over because in Teen Wolf...

    She plays Ms. Morell.

    Character's age: A French teacher and guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School. Hooray!

    And if you were wondering, Bianca Lawson in real life is 34.

    (Bianca Lawson's inability to age was pointed out most expertly here.)