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Are You Ready For The "Ramnut," A Donut Made Of Ramen?

The answer is no, no you are not ready.

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Joshua Scherer is a 21-year-old political science major at UCLA. He's also the culinary genius behind the "Ramnut," a donut made with ramen. It looks like this:

Scherer posted this marvel of modern cooking on his food blog with a recipe and FAQ. He said he used 6 packs of instant ramen and spent about 12 hours on it.

The important question, though, is how do they taste? Scherer said they're starchy, crispy, covered in frosting, and stuffed with custard. "I enjoyed them in my mouth," he said.

As far as reactions to his creation have gone, Scherer said not everyone's a fan. One person sent him a message saying he was the reason for food insecurity in America.

"People who like what you make stay quiet, and people who hate what you make tell you to go kill yourself," Scherer told BuzzFeed News. "That's just how the internet seems to work."

If you are a fan of Scherer's insane food creations, however, definitely follow him on Instagram for stuff like this: A Dorito crusted sous vide egg yolk.

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