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Here's Every New Piece Of Footage From The International "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer


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On Friday, the international Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released and oh my god, it has so much new footage.

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It has a lot of shots of Rey and BB-8 hanging out in the desert.

Then it jumps to this shot of TIE fighters moving in.

Which cuts directly into Stormtroopers lighting a whole bunch of stuff on fire.

Which gives us some more context for this shot we've already seen before.

Not only is there an extended shot of the Millennium Falcon...

...but there's also some new, extended footage of a squad of X-wings.

And you know this, like, split-second shot of Leia?

In the international trailer, we're given a big glimpse of...C-3PO in the same room!

More footage of the TIE fighter and X-wing showdown over the water.

And once again, lots of BB-8. The international trailer seems to be really pushing him as the movie's mascot.

Then there's this shot of Han Solo and and Finn walking through a new location with a new droid.

There's also more huge shots of the X-wing and TIE fighter battle.

We also get Chewie hitting the trigger on the bomb that blows up the First Order bridge, which was in the previous trailer.

And we're also given a glimpse of Kylo Ren's fancy three-pointed lightsaber getting a little too close for comfort with Rey.

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