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Are These Cats And Dogs Paranoid Or Do They Know Something You Don't?

Pets wear tin foil hats for the same reason people do: because they're insane.

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1. These dogs know what studio we filmed the moon landing in

2. This cat cracked the Da Vinci code

3. This dog watches too much X-Files on Netflix

4. This cat was abducted by aliens outside of his house last night


5. This dog knows who the second shooter on the grassy knoll was

6. This cat is a free mason

7. This dog knows the government puts floride in the water supply

8. This cat receives telepathic messages from the CIA


9. This dog is a doomsday prepper

10. This cat doesn't think Barack Obama is an American citizen

11. This dog has a zombie outbreak escape plan

12. This cat think the rapture is going to happen next week


13. This dog believes that vaccinations make you sicker

14. This cat sees secret messages in the newspaper

15. This dog believes evil lizard people control the economy

16. This dog thinks the world is going to end in 2012


17. This cat also thinks the world is going to end in 2012, but in a different way than the dog does

18. This cat knows about the illuminati messages on dollar bills

19. This dog is thinks he's Magneto from X-Men

20. This cat's never been the same since he went to Area 51