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    An Incredible Photo Of An Afghan Soldier Celebrating His Double Hand Transplant

    He's now India's second successful hand transplant patient.

    Adbul Rahim is a 30-year-old captain in Afghanistan's Border Security Force. He lost both his hands defusing a mine on the Afghanistan border three years ago.

    Last month, Rahim underwent a 15-hour marathon surgery at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The operation required more than 20 surgeons.

    According to the Amrita Institute founder's website, each hand required connecting two bones, two arteries, four veins and about 14 tendons. Rahim's new hands were donated from a 54-year-old Indian patient who was brain dead after a traffic accident. Rahim is said to be progressing well and should be released from the hospital sometime this month.

    Here's a video of Rahim using his new Indian hands:

    View this video on YouTube

    Rahim is actually the second person to receive a double hand transplant at the Amrita Institute.

    The first patient to go through the process was a man named Manu who underwent the same procedure in January.

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