An Artist Has Been Protesting Violent Movies By Photoshopping Himself Getting Killed By Their Posters

Well, that’s one way to go about it.

1. UK-based artist Jon Burgerman started a photo series he calls “Head Shots” to make a statement about violent images in public.

2. “With each reoccurring high-profile tragedy in the US involving shootings, I find myself being evermore paranoid and vigilant when I leave my apartment,” Burgerman told BuzzFeed.

3. So he figured he’d pose under the super-sized gunman (or archers) and finish the picture.

4. “It’s my belief that through these playful, creative acts, Art can act as an agent to change the world,” Burgerman said, acknowledging the silly tone of the photos.

5. He said that at first the Photoshopped blood on the photos was actually too realistic for him, so he’s since toned it down to make it a little easier to look at.

6. “The pieces aren’t meant to be shocking for shockings sake,” Burgerman said.

7. Burgerman’s previous subway art project was a little less serious. It consisted of him doodling the bottom halves of commuters while traveling in Southeast Asia.

8. Says both project though, are part of a larger idea that creative and fun art can help people change the way they see the world.

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