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An Adult Man Digitally Recreated “Home Alone” For His Christmas Card And It’s Horrifying And Awesome

Your daily reminder that technology is incredible and awful.

For Paul Little's Christmas card he decided to re-create famous scenes from Home Alone, but edit it so he's playing all the characters.

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And when I say all of the characters, I mean all of the characters...

Paul said that he got the idea from a co-worker who made a video card for his birthday where she acted out a her favorite scenes for Hook.

"I didn't have any costumes or wigs or anything," Paul said. "So the only way I could think to make myself look like the characters was to just stick my own face into the movie."

Paul thought it would be easy enough, but he said that whole process was actually a big pain in the ass.

He essentially took screengrabs, imported them into Photoshop, erased the faces, recorded himself reciting the lines and mashed them together on Final Cut Pro.

He did multiple terrifying/awesome versions of Kevin too.

Also, Buzz's girlfriend.