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    American Eagle Is Currently Offering Spray-On Skinny Jeans

    Either American Eagle thinks that teenagers are actually going to spray their naked bodies with blue dye OR this is a very early April Fools' prank.

    From the American Eagle website:

    There's also a promotional video, advertising a spray-on jean that is "contoured through the thigh, knee, and ankle... that fits like second skin."

    This girl loves the freedom she has wearing nothing but blue denim-color spray paint.

    This girl is trying to pick out which top would go best with her painted butt cheeks.

    And this guy redoes his spray-pants before he goes skateboarding.

    Confirming this is definitely not a real thing and almost absolutely an April Fools' prank, you can't actually order them from their store.

    So while this is probably a joke, remember, stranger things have happened...

    Like meggings.

    (h/t bigtimehush)