Adorable Photos Of Super Rare Newborn Monkey

On Saturday a female Wolf’s Guenon monkey at the Sacramento Zoo gave birth to her first infant. There are less than 35 Wolf’s Guenons alive today, the majority of which live in captivity.

1. This is Mimi, a 5-year-old Wolf’s Guenon monkey that lives at the Sacramento Zoo.

zookeeper Christa Klein
Sacramento Zoo

3. Because of how rare Wolf’s Guenons are, very little is known about how they raise their young.

zookeeper Christa Klein

4. Mimi and Eddie, the father, both belong to a species of monkey native to central Africa.

zookeeper Christa Klein

5. Wolf’s Guenons typically live in dense forest, so a birth in captivity is a terrific aid to zookeepers studying the species.

zookeeper Christa Klein

6. Congratulations Mimi!

zookeeper Christa Klein

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