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ABC News Producer Don Ennis Is Now Dawn Ennis, Comes Out As Transgender

Don Ennis, a producer at ABC, announced today that she is beginning a new era in her life as a woman.

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The 49-year-old parent of three is leaving a wife of 17 years. Ennis attributes the desire to live as a woman on an unusual hormone imbalance caused by hormone therapy Ennis' mother gave her as a child.

From a New York Post article about Ennis' transformation:

Ennis said she suffers from an "unusual hormonal imbalance," and blames her mother, who fed her female hormones as a child to prolong a commercial acting career. The hormones made the little boy look and sound young, but Ennis said she eventually developed breasts.

Doctors can't explain or remedy her condition, and she's been undergoing hormone-replacement therapy to maintain "mysteriously a more female than male body."


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