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A Woman Discovered A Two-Way Mirror In This Bar's Bathroom, Owner Says It's There To Stay

The owner, Ronnie Lottz, told reporters it's part of the bar's Halloween theme.

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A comic who goes by the name Tamale Rocks filmed this video inside the bathroom of a Chicago bar called Cigars & Stripes.

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But on the other side of the door, you can clearly see through the glass of the mirror into the women's room.

Because when I'm doing comedy, I should know my audience. #womenincomedy #bathroompeepshow #WTF


Tamale Rocks began tweeting about her discovery Sunday night.

Aaaaaand cue backlash. What I'm hearing is you had 15 YEARS TO FIX IT. #missingthepoint

And it exists. Get rid of it. 15 years ago. #againmissingthepoint

To be clear, I am not against being a perv. I am FOR consent.

AGAIN, to reiterate, I am not against pervs. I am FOR consent.


BuzzFeed News attempted to contact the owner of Cigars & Stripes, but a message said the bar had disconnected its answering machine. Its owner, Ronnie Lottz, told Jezebel that he would burn the place down before removing the mirror:

Do you know that mirror's been there for the longest time. That woman opened the door. I mean she opened the door, there's nothing in there. Open the door and pee and do what you want. Quite frankly I'm enjoying people calling, because I'm selling chicken wings.

Look, this woman is looking for a viral video. There's a big movement in reality TV to be outraged about feminism.

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