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A Very Confused Japanese Man Has Become A Viral Symbol Of America's Refugee Ban

This whole thing started when Mr. Sato decided to buy an incredibly large coffee cup...

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When the letter was released, it immediately triggered protests among right-wing social media users. Many announced they would be boycotting Starbucks over its perceived opposition to President Trump's travel ban.

Shut them down #BoycottStarbucks Please share! RT

Which also inspired counter-protests and memes on Twitter. Like this one.


Or this one.

me: i don't really like starbucks starbucks: promises 10k jobs for refugees me:

Noticing anything weird about those photos?

It's the same dude in all of them.


At first, Sato was really confused. He was worried that his photos were going viral for a bad reason.

"I misunderstood it, I was pretty upset," he said. "Were my photos being used in something bad?"

Sato saw the #BoycottStarbucks hashtag and was really confused. He figured he was part of some kind of protest against Starbucks. He said he also didn't understand what the "Me:" in the tweet meant. But after someone explained it he thought it was pretty funny.

"I understood that it was used in a very positive way," he said.

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