A Teacher Dressed Up As Trayvon Martin, In A Hoodie And Holding Skittles, For The High School Yearbook

People in the local community aren’t really sure what to make of it.

1. Spencer Smith, a history teacher at Heritage High School in Brentwood, Calif., decided to wear a hoodie and hold up a pack of Skittles in an apparent tribute to Trayvon Martin for the school’s yearbook.

2. According to local reporters, many students felt the tribute was inappropriate.

3. Smith hasn’t spoken publicly about why he chose to do so, but the reactions have split the community.

4. Amber McKim, a sophomore at Heritage High School, told reporters that she thought the symbolism of it was fine, but would have rathered Smith do it on Facebook and not in the school’s yearbook.

5. Alfreda Charway, Heritage High School’s Black Student Union President, was supportive of Smith’s decision however, saying that he was just expressing himself.

6. Students on Twitter are equally split about Smith’s photo.

I would support Mr. Smith if he really cared about the trayvon case but we all know he doesn't he does all of this for attention

— YUNG DoubleCup (@yungdoublecupp)

Oh and also leave my boy Mr.Smith alone, he is just trying to rep his boy Trayvon Martin.

— Zach (@ZRami_)

@_hanabrew mr smith in the yearbook posing as Trayvon Martin to make a statement lol

— Zach Lawton (@MrBinLawton)

heritage is racist & don't see the inequality of ethnicities. if it was a white teacher they wouldn't even be trippin about this rn

— cocokurls. ✨ (@Jaaaylynn_)

10. BuzzFeed reached out to Heritage High School’s principal’s office for comment.

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