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    Posted on Jan 13, 2014

    A Pastor Held A One-Minute-Long Sunday Service So He Could Make The 49ers Kickoff

    "There's some bread and some wine up here on the table, feel free to help yourself."

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    Pastor Tim of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana realized he had a conflict Sunday when his 11 a.m. service was starting at the same time as the 49ers-Panthers game. So he decided to condense things. Gold Hill's Facebook page posted the video, calling it a "not exactly a typical Sunday morning." That being said, express service seems pretty convenient!

    There's some debate over whether this is real. If it is fake, that means we're not even safe from PRIESTS making up Internet hoaxes SMDH.

    According to Right This Minute, there was a larger mass after Pastor Tim's one-minute service. His condensed service was just a funny gag. Also, for the required, after the full-service he raced home and watched the game on DVR.