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A Mom Filmed A Time Lapse Of What It's Like To Put Her Twins To Bed And It's Frustratingly Hilarious

This is a total nightmare.

Henriette Jonassen is a young mom with twins living in Norway and she's had a heck of a summer trying to get them to go to bed.

She made an adorable time lapse of her typical evenings for her blog and it's basically Whack-a-Mole with babies.

The minute she gets one of them to bed...

...He pops right back out!

Jonassen wrote on her blog that she originally filmed the time lapse because she was pretty certain her new bedtime routine wouldn't work and wanted video proof.

"Normally, I would put them to bed, sing a few songs while tickling their backs, and close the door behind me. That worked out great," she wrote. "But that changed."

At one point she even tries the ol' sitting in a chair against the door trick.

But that doesn't even work.

Watch Jonassen's full time lapse here and thank goodness you aren't trying to get two little boys to sleep in the middle of a Norwegian summer, where it doesn't get dark until at least 10 p.m.

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