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A Man Has Been Having A Hilariously Close Friendship With Applebee's Facebook Page For Months Now

Chip and Applebee's are your new favorite bromance.

A few months ago Chip Zdarsky saw his parents interacting on Facebook with his local Applebee's. He noticed the Applebee's Facebook page — the specific identity of which he's asked to keep secret — was only talking to itself.

And that's when he decided to start up a friendship with the Facebook page.

Chip says he loves that the Facebook page is just really wonderfully positive about anything you post on it.

"I love this Facebook page and I'm extremely protective of them," he says. "If I see someone slagging them off I immediately send an email telling them to back off."

Applebee's even helped him pick a Halloween costume.

Applebee's and Chip have become pretty darn close.

Look at their delightful correspondence during the holidays.

Chip even tried to get more people to realize how great his new friend was by introducing his them to his Uncle Mel (who probably doesn't actually exist FYI).

Chip is currently working on a comic book with Matt Fraction for Image Comics, and he even gave his new internet pal a shout-out on the cover!

Friendship is magic.