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A Guy Secretly Filled Up An Instagram Account With Cute Messages To His Girlfriend For Her Birthday

OK, this is an impressively cute way to use Instagram.

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The really sweet guy behind From Georgia To Wisconsin started the Instagram account when his Girlfriend Emily moved away for the fall.

So every day for 98 days he went out and Instagram a message to her.

Letting her know how much he missed her.

And how head over heels he is for her.

And I kid you not, he kept it up for 98 days.

Then he ended the account with this bad boy:

And revealed the secret Instagram declaration of love as a birthday present.

And then he posted a photo of Emily discovering the project!
Finally gave it to her! And she loved it! She fought back a few tears but I believe her exact words were, "I am blown away." She's more the speechless type so I knew she really loved it was quiet. She's reading it now and asking me a lot of questions, but I'm okay with that. I love you