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    A Guide To Being A Proper Gentleman As Told By Blink-182

    Let these three respectful young men teach you a thing or two about how to present yourself in public.

    First off, be respectful to other people's beliefs.

    Also, try to keep the swearing at a minimum.

    Always make sure you don't waste other people's time.

    And never, ever use illegal substances.

    When you're out in public, try to keep things as professional as possible.

    And try not to come on too strong.

    No one likes a show off.

    Remember to stay humble.

    Humility is a virtue.

    When speaking in public, keep things civil and reasonable.

    And when talking to a young lady you're interested in, don't be afraid to be romantic.

    A little bit of class in the dating world goes a long way.

    Discretion is important.

    Be polite to your peers, you attract more flies with sugar than vinegar.

    And when making a joke, don't go too crass.

    "Edgy" humor can be a real turn off.

    Also, elegance is just as important for young men as it is for young women.

    Appearing confident is 90% physical.

    You should project the person you want to be seen as.

    When conversing in an academic setting use direct eye contact to show the other person you are interested and engaged.

    Try to offer up an thoughtful insight or clever observation.

    A firm handshake is always a good way to engage with a new acquaintance.

    But most importantly of all, just be nice and pleasant.