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This Family Threw A Good-Bye Party For A Shelter Dog Who Was Being Put To Sleep

Alicia Buzbee and her daughter Kansas wanted to make sure Butch the Boston terrier got the send off every dog deserves.

Butch the Boston terrier lived on the streets of Pinson, Alabama, for two years, eating garbage, until he was found in a yard by Alicia Buzbee and her daughter Kansas Humphrey a week before Thanksgiving.

The Boston Terrier Rescue examined Butch and found that his trachea was leaking, his heart was in bad shape, and he had very little lung capacity. Butch was going to be euthanized.

Buzbee and her daughter wanted to make sure Butch's last few days were good ones. Butch got to meet Santa for an early Christmas.

He met the local fire department.

And he went to the park for an amazing going away party.

There were balloons and treats.

And lots of new friends for Butch.

He even got a few presents.

Looking good, Butch!

Sadly, Butch died on Saturday after his big party and spending Thanksgiving at home with the Buzbees.

The Buzbees were happy they could give Butch a great final few days. "Before he goes, I want him to look into my eyes, and I want to look into his eyes, and I want to whisper, I love you," Buzbee told