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A Girl Was Reunited With Her Birth Mother After Only 12 Hours Of Searching On Facebook

Hooray internet!

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I posted the picture that I was asking people to share around 9pm on Wednesday. I knew I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but I just couldn't help refreshing my page to see how many shares I was getting, or if any emails were coming through yet. I never imagined that picture would be shared over 3,600 times! I recieved a message on facebook from a lady in Florida that said she had a list of possible phone numbers for a woman that had the same name as my mom. At 7:59 on Thursday morning, I called the first number on the list she had given me. It worked! The very first phone number she had given me was the correct number! When someone answered the phone, I asked if Jennifer was there. When she said it was her, I told her I know it probably sounds crazy, but asked if she had placed a baby up for adoption in 1991.