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A Japanese TV Show Had A Bunch Of Naked Guys Try To Slide Around The Edge Of A Bathtub

WARNING: This post contains some images of a naked dude sliding on the edge of a bathtub.

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And why were they sliding? As Grapee writes, it was a tradition they used to do in their dorm bathroom:

The group of friends had a tradition in their dormitory bathroom to slide around the edge of the hot bath (naked) and get to the other side. It was a tradition for them to compete in this sport, but with news that their dorm would be shutting down to be replaced with a new one, the TV crew of the Monday Night Late Show visited them to film their desperate attempts to get to the other side. The staff was stuck filming them for hours until they finally caught the majestic moment on film.


A clip of his amazing bathtub sliding victory on Japanese TV actually went viral, getting thousands of retweets.

【動画】FATさんミラクルwww #月曜から夜ふかし #ntv


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