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A Bunch Of Trolls Are Trying To Convince People To Take The #PlasticBagChallenge

Here we go agaaaaiiinnnnnn.

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The details of the challenge are a little different depending on which tweet you see, but basically, if you put a plastic bag over your head it'll somehow raise money for wildlife charities.

28 seconds from me, Β£25 donated to #WWF UK #pbmovement #plasticbagchallenge #plasticmovement

In this version the WWF will donate $5 for every minute you can keep the bag over your head.

#plasticbagchallenge doing this tomorrow!! will film it. #savetheanimals πŸ’πŸ’œ

People even started "challenging" other people to make it look like more of a thing.

I challenge @timmyfaubus26 @sainmathew25 to do the #plasticbagchallenge for 5 minutes nonstop


And there are claims of celebrity endorsements.

Angelina Jolie supports the #plasticbagchallenge too!

4chan users found this video from February of a guy asphyxiating himself with a plastic bag and started sharing it again.

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And a few people even posted photos.

#plasticbagchallenge #PBMovement #NFWFUK


So if you see this, just remember, it's fake, and you definitely shouldn't put a plastic bag over your head.

#plasticbagchallenge i was able to do it for 3 minutes. gotta admit, its pretty hard but a lot of fun to do!

I made 5 minutes, how long will you last?!?! #PlasticbagChallenge

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