9 Painfully Awkward Moments From Jamie Kennedy’s New Year’s Show

In case you missed it, every possible thing that could have gone wrong during Jamie Kennedy’s New Year’s Show with Macy Gray and Bone Thugz N’ Harmony went wrong. Kennedy, in an interview with the New York Times, said “it was supposed to be that way.”

1. There were dozens of moments of dead air.

2. The hosts had no idea when the control room was switching between segments.

3. A random Carl’s Jr. ad came out of nowhere during an interview with Shannon Elizabeth.

4. This girl started reading from the teleprompter.

5. Macy Gray didn’t know what time it was and didn’t really perform as much as just stand around humming to herself.

6. People said the F-word on live TV.

7. Musical guest Bone Thugz N’ Harmony said the F-word on live TV a lot.

8. They gave the mic over to these two very, very drunk ladies.

9. And then all the drunk people got into a big fight onstage at the end.

From Jamie Kennedy’s interview in The New York Times:

“It was totally supposed to be like that. We wanted to make almost an anti-New Year’s Eve show, and the recipe calls for unexpected. We had an open bar for our guests, we were unrehearsed. It was not glamorous. We shot at the apex of craziness on Hollywood Boulevard on New Year’s Eve, in front of one of the most highly visible places, the Chinese Theater, and it was more like a block party type of feel.”

Watch the whole, horrible, disastrous thing here:

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