25 Reasons I Really Want To Hang Out With Tyler, The Creator

    Say what you will about his music, but he just seems like he'd be a blast to hang out with.

    1. Look at him hanging out with Frank Ocean and a corn on the cob.

    2. Or doing a silly pose with Demi Lovato.

    3. He just seems like a pretty chill dude.

    4. Whether hes rocking a mustache...

    5. ...Or being exactly correct about how horrible lettuce is.

    6. He just seems like a guy that would really open up to you.

    7. And yeah, he's kind of weird.

    8. And might use a few too many cuss words.

    9. But he understands the importance of a good selfie.

    10. And obviously has his priorities straight.

    11. And a good sense of humor about being mistaken for Will Smith.

    12. He's got some pretty controversial thoughts about Wiz Khalifa.

    13. But he knows exactly how to deal with meeting Donald Trump.

    14. He, also, understands the difference between his controversial lyrics and his real-life friendship with openly bisexual Frank Ocean.

    15. At the end of the day, he just seems like a swaggy dude.

    16. Also, his Formspring is super interesting (yeah, he uses Formspring still, weird right?).


    18. He's just one of those dudes you want to hang out with.

    19. And you know if stuff gets weird he's got your back.

    20. Plus, he likes cats...

    21. ...And has impecable taste in television.

    22. (Note: Adventure Time birthday cake)

    23. Also, he might be one of those celebrities that is actually immortal.

    24. Basically, Tyler, The Creator seems like a pretty cool dude.