22 Super Short YouTube Clips For Every Kind Of Bad Mood

Why get angry when there’s a YouTube clip that’s under 30 seconds that can do it for you?!

1. When somebody messed up big time.

2. When you’re really frustrated.

3. When you’ve had it up to here!

4. When someone’s just not getting it.

5. When the worst possible thing that could have ever happened happens.

6. When something is a massive letdown.

7. When you see a Kim Kardashian story on your newsfeed.

8. When everything goes to crap.

9. When you hear literally the lamest joke ever.

10. When you realize something very, very bad is going to happen.

11. When you get really bad news.

12. When you just aren’t putting up with anyone’s crap today.

13. When you have to explain something over and over again and they still don’t get it!

14. When someone says something so stupid you can’t even believe it.

15. When “boo” is the only proper response.

16. When someone says the didn’t like the first season of The OC.

(seriously, that show was amazing)

17. When no one is listening to you and you’re just like “ugggghhhhh.”

18. When everything is completely falling apart.

19. When your entire day is ruined.

20. When someone blames you for something you never did.

21. And lastly, for when you’re literally speechless.

22. But of course, if all else fails…

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