16 Super Jacked Kangaroos You Wouldn't Want As A Personal Trainer

    "Bro, do you even lift?"

    1. Sup bro?

    2. Ready to do mad reps today?

    3. Bro, yesterday I did like 50 dead lifts. Been drinking nothing but Muscle Milk all day.

    4. You know me, just trying to get that deep burn.

    5. Dude, it's like, I'm not even trying to look good. It's all about feeling good.

    6. You feeling good? How you feeling, bro?

    7. I saw the hottest bish on the treadmills this morning. Dude, she was bodacious as heck.

    8. Cardio's for chumps though. It's all about the burn and cut, bro.

    9. Yo, throw another plate on. Yeeeeaaahhhh. Trying get that bicep burn.

    10. Gotta get cuuuuuuttttttttt.

    11. I got a buddy, he's on that paleo diet. Eats like a frigging caveman, it's sick.

    12. What'd you bench yesterday?

    13. Bro, just tell me, what'd you bench?

    14. Bro.

    15. Dude, are you even seeing this swell I've got right now?

    16. Aight, good sesh, let's do like two more sets and hit the tanning bed.