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    13 Photos That Show What Home Birth Is Actually Like

    This is the real deal and it is definitely NSFW.

    Brazilian photographer Line Sena, 33, has put together an ​​impressive and uncompromising collection of photos of women who chose to give birth at home.


    Sena told BuzzFeed Espanol that she started the project because of her own experiences as a mother.


    "The first contact with this was when I had my son David in my house," Sena said. "He is 5 years old now. The midwife knew that a journalist wanted to write about it. She asked if she could see and photograph the birth. I said yes."


    Sena is currently a member of The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) and mother of two children.


    "I knew I wanted a normal, natural birth," Sena said. "I started researching and learned that the rate of cesarean births in Brazil is much higher than what's recommended by the World Health Organization."


    She said it happens — not because women want them — but because of faults within the Brazilian medical system, resulting in unnecessary treatments for women.


    Sena said she chose to have her son at home with the help of a midwife, only going to the hospital if necessary.


    "Feelings and relationships between people during childbirth inspire me. Not only feelings of love, but also of fear and insecurity," Sena said. "How a woman deals with the pain."


    "The closeness that's forged with your partner, the strength, patience, gratitude, and the bond that is created with your birth team," she said.


    Sena said that for her, there's nothing more beautiful and intense than the birth of a child.


    “It's a constant learning," she said.


    "In a way, I feel I can relive my own experience with each photographic series.”


    There are, obviously, possible risks with home birth. It is advisable to consult with medical professionals in your own country when considering a home birth.