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28 Talented Urban Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Metropolitan beauty.

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Zunleephoto/ Dondregreen/ Sionfullana/ 80 degrees/ Sejkko/ Ruano/ Black_soap/ Gotlib/ Visual Memories/ BuzzFeed / Via

1. Zun Lee

"I have been an artist and storyteller since I was little, but then life got in the way. Making pictures is my way of reclaiming my artistic side." – Zun Lee

5. Sion Fullana

"I put into my work the will to capture the truest and most honest essence of a subject, an event, a person, a moment on the street, and tell their story the best possible way." – Sion Fullana

16. Adeyemi Adegbesan

"I am a Toronto street photographer. I have no desire to shoot anything aside from the subjects that can be found within the boundaries of this city." – Adeyemi Adegbesan