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19 Glorious Photos From Entrants To This Year's Sony World Photography Awards

Photographic eye-candy from this year's competition.

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2. "Untitled" by Aashit Desai, India

Aashit Desai / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via

"In India, turmeric is not just a spice but it has also a religious connotation, since centuries ago. It is, if used for this purpose, to be considered as a purification agent. Purifying the body and soul. Manjal Neerattu, which means bathing with turmeric water, is a ritual followed by the people of Chengannur, Kerala, at the Vandimala temple. Boiling the water mixed with turmeric powder, they, using palm leaves, whip their bodies with the boiling hot concoction." – Aashit Desai

3. "The Art of Eagle-Hunting" by Lisa Vaz, Portugal

"This image of an Altaic Kazakh Eagle hunter was taken in Western Mongolia, where this art is still practised. The relationship of the hunter and his golden eagle is close and spans across the years." – Lisa Vaz


4. "The Matriarch" by Roy Teo (left) and "Curve House" by Jan Vecera

5. "King Penguins" by Lisa Vaz, Portugal

Lisa Vaz / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via

"A colony of king penguins. These beautiful birds live together in rookeries of thousands and are great fun to watch. Photo taken in South Georgia, below the Antarctic Convergence." – Lisa Vaz


8. "Tiger Sleeping" by Ryan Smith, UK

Ryan Smith / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via

"This magnificent creature was photographed catching some z's at one of my local zoos. It looked so comfortable and at peace that even a crowd of excited schoolchildren went amazingly quiet so as not to disturb such a rare and awe-inspiring sight." – Ryan Smith

10. "Traveler's Lighthouse" by Paolo Altomare, Italy

Paolo Altomare / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via

"An abandoned lighthouse in the foreground and lots of stars in the background. The contrast among the bright red of the lighthouse and the blue sky renders the scene a very particular one." – Paolo Altomare


13. "Communist Spaceship" by Martin Smith, UK

Martin Smith / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via

"Located at the Buzludzha mountain peak in the Balkan mountains in central Bulgaria stands the now-abandoned concrete communist spaceship known as the Buzludzha Monument." – Martin Smith


19. "Jökulsárlón Glacier" by Andrew Gibson, UK

Andrew Gibson / 2015 Sony World Photography Awards / Via

"A long tiresome drive, followed by what seemed like hours sitting in the cold waiting for the sunset to arrive at Jökulsárlón, Iceland. It all paid off and was worth while in the end." – Andrew Gibson