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Why Jian Yang Is The Best Character On Silicon Valley

With all due respect to the entire cast, Jian Yang is an unstoppable force of entertainment.

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Let’s be clear: Silicon Valley is packed with great characters. If you were to argue with me that Zach Woods is the funniest on the show, I’d have a hard time fighting you.

However, for the limited air time that he gets and the comedic impact he makes, I’m not sure anyone can dethrone Jimmy O. Yang’s character Jian Yang as best on the show. The sheer force is reminiscent of the way Creed Bratton could take over any scene on The Office with seemingly throwaway one-liners.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go to the tape.

His prank phone call abilities are unrivalled.

He loves fish. (NSFW language)

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He doesn't even realize his genius puns.

He cares about the environment. (NSFW language)

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He created an ENTIRE app for eight recipes.

He also created an entire app for this (NSFW language):

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The burns. Oh, the Bachmanity!


With T.J. Miller set to depart after the end of this season, we can't help but wonder the impact Erlich's leaving will have on the comedic value of his main antagonist, Jian Yang.

At this point, we can only hope for the best.

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