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These Misheard Disney Songs Will Change How You Hear Them Forever

"You got me boner city!"

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Everyone mishears lyrics to their favorite songs. Remember this one?

Big Machine Records; Republic Records / Via

And this one?

Lava Records; Republic Records / Via

Once you hear the "wrong" lyric, it's all you hear.

Virgin EMI Records / Via

And for anyone who's ever sang a Frozen or Beauty and the Beast song incorrectly, Pleated-Jean created the ultimate video combining the best misheard lyrics of the Disney canon.

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Trust us, you will never hear these songs the same way again.

Disney / Via

Some of them are surreal.

Disney / Via

Some can completely change the message of the movie.

Disney / Via

They can be a little suggestive...

Disney / Via

...and a lot suggestive.

Disney / Via

And some just get rid of subtext completely.

Disney / Via

So many words sound like swear words!

Disney / Via

And some of these misheard lyrics, weirdly, just make more sense the way you hear them.

Disney / Via

But ultimately, you hear what you hear.

And that doesn't mean you won't love these songs any less.
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