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Sexy Firefighters With Puppies Are Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

There is nothing sexier in the world than half-naked firefighters holding puppies. Except when they're holding kittens.

The Charleston, S.C., firefighters release a calendar every year to raise money to help injured, abused, and abandoned animals, but also to make our wildest dreams come true.

1. I mean...I can't.

5. Who's a happy puppy? (We are. We're the happy puppies.)

10. Just don't let him break your heart.

12. Shhhhhhh. Don't wake her.

15. Shake it off, pretty baby.

16. Even with a kitten instead evokes a "well hello there".

17. And most importantly...puppy!

Lucky for everyone, you can buy the whole calendar.

These ladies did and seem pretty happy about it!