These Dogs In The "Cone Of Shame" Will Break Your Heart

    Woe is the dog with the Elizabethan collar.

    The Timeout series by animal photographer Ty Foster chronicles the adorable shame and embarrassment incurred by dogs when the dreaded "plastic prison" is around their necks.

    "From a dog's perspective the cone falls into the 'items that should be banished to the depths of hell' category," writes Foster.

    The cone makes "a normal life infuriating and just down right embarrassing."

    You can see the shame in their puppy dog eyes.

    The little guy just wants to scratch behind his ears.

    And this dog just wants to pant in peace.

    The cone prevents friends from seeing each other....

    ... and exacerbates tension between mortal enemies.

    Some make do with their circumstances.

    But they all no doubt feel the same.

    The entire Timeout series can be found here. You can follow Foster on Instagram and Twitter.